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Vzpomínka na jedno výjimečně dynamické téma

[A reminiscence of an exceptionally dynamic theme]

Martin Drápela

2011-04-02 • Linguistics • ISO reference

Published on the occasion of what would have been his 70th birthday, the article recounts the most important milestones in the academic career of Professor Aleš Svoboda, a prominent Czech Anglicist and researcher in the theory of Functional Sentence Perspective.

K nedožitým devadesátinám profesora Jana Firbase

[The Ninetieth Anniversary of Professor Jan Firbas' Birth]

Martin Drápela

2011-12-23 • Linguistics • ISO reference

The article is an expanded version of the article ‛Aktuální členění stále aktuální, zejména zásluhou významného brněnského anglisty [The FSP Theory remains relevant thanks to mainly a renown Brno Anglicist]’ that appeared in the Vol.44/No.2/2011 edition of UNIVERSITAS (ISSN 1211-3387) to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of Professor Jan Firbas' birth.

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