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1 January 2017

PHILOLOGICA.NET is an international web journal based in the Czech Republic publishing scientific articles in five main areas related to the study of language (in alphabetical order):

  • Culture Studies,
  • Language Teaching,
  • Linguistics,
  • Literature, and
  • Translation Studies.

The journal publishes also multidisciplinary contributions, which are usually presented in the General Topics section.

The idea to publish an electronic-only journal on topics emerging from the vast territory of modern philology was brought to life in the very early stages of establishing a not-for-profit organization The Vilém Mathesius Society in February/March 2003. The founding members of the Society felt an urgent need to provide the academic community with a flexible and dynamic online publishing platform which would go beyond the limitations of the traditional models of disseminating the results of scientific research. The journal was officially rolled out on 13 January 2004. At the end of the year 2016, shortly before the Vilém Mathesius Society ceased to exist, the journal was donated to a new publisher, Albis - Giorgio Cadorini, who continues the effort started by the Society.

From its very beginnings, was created on a model which today may be identified as OpenAccess, accepting contributions to the journal mainly from the academic community and providing the community with free-of-charge and otherwise unrestricted access to the content of the journal. The majority of the articles published by come from university professors, researchers, and PhD students, who are the target audience of the journal. Contributions from other professionals such as language teachers and professional translators are also welcome.

Functional editorial policies and publishing guidelines facilitate the process of preparing an article for As a web journal it follows the view presented by Robert de Beaugrande in his article Peer Review Is Far from Peerless:

An author who posts substandard work on a website risks being cut off from the discourse community, whereas one who gets a substandard work into a journal may still command a readership elsewhere. So the sense of responsibility to do your best work should in fact be intensified, the more so when we cannot count on editorial feedback to point out our own lapses.

The publisher of is convinced that it may prove instrumental in fostering scientific and professional discussion in the areas of language and literary scholarship, language teaching, and language communication in general to provide anyone with a deep interest in any of these areas with a modern OpenAccess online journal of broadly defined philology.

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(From 2004 to 2016 the journal was published by
The Vilém Mathesius Society,
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