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Czech Scientific Contributions to Doctor-Patient Interaction Research

Miroslav Černý

2008-01-15 • Language Teaching • ISO reference

Doctor-patient interaction is an important process particularly in those cases where the diagnosis and following treatment is based primarily on the information acquired from such interaction. It seems, however, that in the Czech Republic the importance of understanding the process associated with doctor-patient interviews has not been taken into serious consideration. The presented review shows why Czech doctor-patient communication research should be viewed as rather unsatisfactory.

CALL z minulého století

[CALL from the Past Century]

Martin Drápela

2006-05-08 • Language Teaching • ISO reference

This article is essentially a reprint of a Czech summary of a 1996 survey of software for English language learning. In early 1997 the survey was rejected for publication in a scholarly journal dealing with language teaching and learning, but is still believed to be of some inspiration for further investigation into the area of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL).

Three online learners’ dictionaries

Martin Drápela

2005-12-31 • Language Teaching • ISO reference

In this review the author focuses on functional aspects of three online dictionaries of contemporary English that are available free of charge on the World-Wide Web: Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ONLINE, and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

English for Doctors

Miroslav Černý

2004-06-17 • Language Teaching • ISO reference

The purpose of the present paper is to review one important contribution to the training of doctor-patient communication skills. It also discusses its possible advantages and disadvantages as a suitable source for linguists interested in the analysis of medical encounters.

Dva anglické slovníky na CD-ROM

[Two English CD-ROM Dictionaries]

Martin Drápela

2004-02-04 • Language Teaching • ISO reference

A comparative review of two English CD-ROM dictionaries: Oxford Advanced Learner’s CD-ROM Dictionary (6th Edition) and Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (3rd Edition).

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