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Mizející hlasy džungle 2

[Vanishing Jungle Voices 2]

Miroslav Černý

2015-02-24 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article revisits the text Mizející hlasy džungle by Vojtěch Kotecký and draws parallels between the world of endangered species and the world of endangered languages.

Deset let Společnosti Viléma Mathesia

[Ten Years of the Vilém Mathesius Society]

Martin Drápela

2013-01-14 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article presents a short recollection of the first decade of existence of the Vilém Mathesius Society.

Vánoce s Karlem Mayem aneb Jak si dnes stojí domorodé jazyky jeho indiánských hrdinů

[The Status of Indigenous Languages Spoken by Karl May’s Native American Heroes]

Miroslav Černý

2012-12-05 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article presents a few notes on the present-day status of three Native American languages: Shoshone, Blackfoot, and Crow. It is meant to commemorate the 170th anniversary of Karl May’s birth and the 100th anniversary of his death.

Univerzity, etymologie, společnost (akciová?)

[Universities, etymology, society (Co. Ltd.?)]

Giorgio Cadorini

2011-06-20 • General Topics • ISO reference

The actual policy, pulling the universities in the direction of an exclusively material production, rises from a certain idea of the globalisation. Etymology shows us that this idea is not corresponding to reality.

Několik poznámek ke třetímu vydání The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

[Some notes on the third edition of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language]

Martin Drápela

2011-02-18 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article is a short review of the third edition of David Crystal’s The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language published by Cambridge University Press in 2010 (ISBN 9780521736503).

Interview with an Oncologist on Doctor-Patient Interactions

Jana Mendelová

2011-01-21 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article is an interview with a Czech oncologist presenting her views on the importance of doctor-patient communication for the successful treatment of the patient. The interviewee responds to questions prepared by D. H. Sevin some twenty years ago.

„Nedají si říct a nedají si říct!“ Výuka komunikace v medicíně a její materiálová základna

[Teaching Communication in Medicine: Literature Background]

Miroslav Černý

2009-04-14 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article provides an informatory survey into existing literature background for learning communication skills in the field of medicine. It presents the situation which can be observed in the Czech Republic, and bases its conclusions on the analysis of three recent contributions relevant to the topic represented by the title.

Specifika interakce mezi lékařem a pacientem

[Particularities of Doctor-Patient Interaction]

Miroslav Černý

2009-04-13 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article describes a few particularities of interaction between doctors and patients. The author pays attention especially to those aspects of medical interviewing which are viewed by the doctor and the patient as disserviceable.

Třináctý u stolu

[The Thirteenth at the Table]

Karel Kučera

2004-09-07 • General Topics • ISO reference

This article encourages both the authors and the readers to find a responsible and conscious approach towards the outcome of the philological studies and its practical applicability.

Jazykové hry

[Language Games]

Martin Drápela

2004-06-21 • General Topics • ISO reference

Using Wittgenstein’s concept of language games the author offers his own view on logical semantics and tries to refute an argument that the notion of winning has no meaning in the context of language.

Peer Review Is Far from Peerless

Robert de Beaugrande

2004-03-11 • General Topics • ISO reference

The discussion suggests that the process of peer-review is illogical and may hinder rather than promote the more important goals of academic research, possibly driving a wedge between the official theories of reviewing and its concrete practices as recorded in the discourse of reviewers.

Old English and Middle English scripts in Unicode

Martin Drápela

2004-01-26 • General Topics • ISO reference

The article describes a method of including Old English and Middle English scripts in web pages. It also contains glyph-to-code reference tables for Old English and Middle English letters.

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