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Nová indiánská encyklopedie

[New Amerindian Encyclopedia]

Miroslav Černý

2014-01-01 • Culture Studies • ISO reference

The article reviews the book Indiáni: Praobyvatelé Severní Ameriky by Thomas Jeier, an encyclopedic study of North American indigenous peoples, their history, culture and social organization.

Kameny na prérii (recenze)

[Stones on the Prairie (Book Review)]

Miroslav Černý

2010-07-13 • Culture Studies • ISO reference

The article reviews the book Stones on the Prairie by Eva Eckert, a study on the history of Czech migration to America and the acculturation of Czech Americans in Texas. (Eckertová, E. Kameny na prérii. Praha: Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, 2004. 288 s. ISBN 80-7106-359-2.)

K autentičnosti filmu Tanec s vlky

[On the Authenticity of the Movie Dances with Wolves]

Miroslav Černý

2006-04-26 • Culture Studies • ISO reference

Kevin Costner’s Dances with Wolves is usually viewed as a realistic epic about the closing of the American frontier. However, the paper aims to provide some evidence that the authenticity of the movie is not kept in all its details.

Cambiamenti ed invarianze nella produzione e nella fruizione della favola ceca

[Changes and invariances in the production and in the audience of Czech fairy-tales]

Adriano Mondelli

2005-02-23 • Culture Studies • ISO reference

What role does folklore have in the Czech mass media culture? Is it still possible to speak about folklore when considering radio and TV culture? How can folklore answer traditional needs in a multiethnic and globalized society? Folklore survives because it is a multifunctional feature of human identity.

Mýty Lakotů

[Lakota Myths]

Miroslav Černý

2004-08-14 • Culture Studies • ISO reference

It does not matter whether anthropologists, linguists, translators, or ordinary readers, all are invited to enjoy the magnificent world of myths and legends of the Lakota nation.

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